Heyyy, I will have a 4 days stay in bangkok. Anybody give me some ideas?? I'm a solo traveler....


Mitchnuynakhonsawon Mitch
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Hi Jodi,
It would greatly help if you could share a little about what interests you in Bangkok or Thailand in general. There are so many things to do that it is very difficult to make any suggestions without knowing a persons interests. Great times for partying or for meditation; for trekking or for laying-about; for good food or for massage; for carnal pleasures or for religous studies... So - if you could give a little hint about what you like to do I'm sure you'll get more direct responses to your inquiry.

Have a great time while you're here and don't hesitate to write back.


Yes many things to do in Bangkok! if you would like to see about culture, shopping , nightlife or whatever...

Stringio Poms
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Thai people are friendly.. :)

Stringio Poms
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If you need to travel around without planing. I have some activities as well. Please take a look. :=)

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