What are the cheap means of transportation to take advantage of when I am in Thailand?


Stringio Gough
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If you stay in Bangkok, BTS(sky train) is about 1$ per trip. it is very accessible. but if you are looking for local bus it take only 20 cent per trip.

BTS and MTR is the best way!!

Mitchnuynakhonsawon Mitch
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BTS and MRT (the overhead and underground trains) are VERY inexpensive and have maps available online or in hard-copy from the ticket counters. When you get CLOSE to where you want to be you can get off either of these and take a "motorcycle taxi" for between 20 and 40 baht right to the door of where you want to be. When all else fails even TAXIs (metered) aren't expensive in Bangkok (or most of Thailand) and if you want to be spoiled you can hire a driver for a little over $60 a day to take you almost anywhere you want to go.

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