Hi, I'm interested in Thai local street food, could anyone share me Thai food recipes or simple local drink?


Stringio Simon
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Combine two fun things and eat well! Take the river taxi north from say the Thaksin bridge. Get off periodically and try the food stalls on and near the piers. Get to see Bkk from the river and eat fun, new and fresh while you are at it!


Thanks Simon

Mitchnuynakhonsawon Mitch
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I agree with Simon - great idea for a fun, inexpensive and very inclusive way of getting to see Bangkok, having fun, and eating a lot of great food. If you want some Thai recipes to take back there are several inexpensive "cooking" classes you can experiment with if you're here for a few days... look for them online or write me a note and I'll have my girlfriend send you some of her favorites.

It's very kind of you Mitch. Thank you for your advice :)

Stringio Poms
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Hello Thien,
Many places for good and cheap food as you might have heard about Thai street food. But still many restaurants that's cheap and good decoration. I'm the one who loves to explore about place and food. Also loves to explore other countries. BTW one of my favorite place for food is Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market. I went there so many time. Good food, good view. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful trip here. :)

PS. I'm going to Ho Chi Minh next month, very excited!!

Thanks Poms.
See you in Ho Chi Minh city. :D

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