Hi :) I'm Korean tourist.
Where is the place which can be done in Bangkok with a sweetheart?
I would like to go to the place which local person sweethearts go much ^^


I go to bkk much! 26〜

Stringio Sophie
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The Dome at lebua

here. bankok. so so so warm.

Go to hua hin X2 resort very nice !for sweethearts is good , there hv pritave pool -

Stringio Gough
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yeah The Dome. it is the symbol of the new Bangkok.

Stringio Sam

i can show u ;)

Stringio Sam

i can show u ;)

i think kho larn (Island)Pattay is very beautiful place not to much far from Bkk just 1 and half hours from bangkok , you can take a van from victory monument ( center of bkk ) 97 baht for one trip . when you arrived in Pattaya you can take a boat to go to koh larn at "Lham ba lee hai" 30 baht for 1 trip to go to Kho larn Island :)

enjoy ur trip ><

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