Hi :) I plan to go Bangkok for a couple of days in spring. Are there any wonderful restaurants? or any spots to visit?


About the food, you can find their street resturant everywhere. And they away so good :)
But I recomment the resturant that near the river. Because it has a wonderful view and delicious food.

The spots to visit is many temples in Ratthanagosin area. And you can walk between them. And the place you cann't missing is Yaowarat Road that you can eat all day and all night :P

Stringio Tangmo
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You should go to China town to find local delicious food with a cheap price.^^

Stringio Ebr
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Hi I am Tour Operator at Bangkok , Let me know if you wana visit anywhere in bangkok

Im visiting bkk on june 24-27..what kinda tour do u recommend?

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