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Bookonline_bwNot decided when to visit
  • I want to See bkk from local side. Food/culture/little bit nightlife

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    Chabaprai (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    Hi ,what about one day trip
    - 7.00 morning breakfast on street food with thai joke
    - 8.30 take free public train to Hualampong Station (old Station)
    - 10.30 Use Public bus to Wat prakaew (have the beautifull emerald budha )
    - 14.00 Massage at Wat Po (Famous and Original massage in thailand)
    -17.00 Dinner & see the night life @ Khoasan road

    Hi Ante
    My name is Boe. Even I am not a professional tour guide but I am an exploring lover so I can understand what travellers wanna do especially those who like learning local lifestyle. I have been travel a lot both for my personal trip and my work trips as a journalist.

    You will be comfortable traveling with me because I will take you to any destination in Bangkok by my car. It's friendly price because I'm not here to make a business but I'm here to make friends.

    Finny (Bangkok)

    So you would like Bangkok from local view ?
    it is something like getting on Sky train, motor bike or evening hoping on and off from public transport bus, eating street foods, learn the way how Thai people live their life ?
    If YES then stick with me ;)

    Phudit (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!

    Phudit (Bangkok)

    Hi Ante! How are you?
    I am offering a food and drink, nightlife, and nature tour. I can answer to your question. the prices of almost everything on my tour from food to public transportation are included. Please check it out.
    Have fun vacations in BKK!

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