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  • I want to Eat a lot

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    Nong (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!

    You want to eat a lot deska?
    Let me be your guide, Yusaka.
    I love to eat and enjoy with it too.
    I can help you and bring you from airport or your robby hotel.
    So if you need my help, my pressure.
    Let's enjoy to eat together!
    Hope to see you soon, I wait for welcoming you.

    Thank you,

    Subhanan (Bangkok)

    I have big motorbike. Let me know if you need to eat in Bkk or out side Bkk.

    Motto (Bangkok)

    I'll make you wish comes true. Ni-san

    Chabaprai (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    I not decide trip for you too, if you still @ Bangkok we will have to talk and share together (may be if you have stay near airport is good for me to pick up you @hotel

    Phudit (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!

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