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Bookonline_bwNot decided when to visit
  • I want to go to Temple of the Emerald Buddha!
  • I want to travel

  • Hello Okan
    Welcome to Bangkok!
    I can take you to there :)
    If you interested, please let me know.

    U know who to contact with if u want to travel here :)

    Noonim (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    Hi okan I am free this weekend I live near that temple if u still want to go.I can take u there

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    hi okan you want to take photo right. my friend is a photographer she knows a lot of good spot to take photo. let me know if you interesting.

    Rendear (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    Hiiii i'm kwan nice to meet u ^^
    i like to travel around in bkk too i will show
    u more
    so let me know if u are interesting.

    Subhanan (Bangkok)

    Hi!!!! Tell me more I have motorbike. You can go to everywhere. Let me know^^

    Methawi (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    Our family are living in countryside where only 90 km far from Bangkok. It's advantage to visit the quiet place where no air pollution. Moreover, people in countryside are kind. Especially, here you don't have to pay much money like in city but still have good quality of foods and trips. My house made of woods and had been built in Thai traditional ancient style. It would be good for people who looking for learning Thai architecture in the past. There are mountains to discover, and delicious local foods cook from natural herbs which good for your health, and seafood restaurant which daily fresh. In the morning and evening you will see sunrise and sunset. In the evening there is a little market that sell local stuffs.

    Phudit (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok!
    Hi Okan How are you?
    Do you want to taste Original Thai Food and experience local nightlife in Bangkok too? I am offering a food and drink, nightlife, and nature tour. I can answer to your question. The prices of almost everything on my tour from food to public transportation are included. Please check it out.
    Have fun vacations in BKK!

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