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Bookonline_bwNot decided when to visit
  • I want to go to Jim Thompson House!
  • I want to look for a guide who takes me to indigenous delights.

  • Also interested in local foods, nice n calm cafe, historical places.

    Hello Kohki!

    If I'm available on your arrival, I could take you around Bangkok. My family business was making Thai silk and we used to work for Jim Thomson's! I'm also bit of foodie myself so I know some nice places to have local foods and great coffeeplaces to chill out. If you are interested in medical museums I can take you through Siriraj Hospital's medical museum as I'm studying medicine there :))

    Nong (Bangkok)

    Hi, Kohki!
    Let's me introduce myself my name's Nong and you can called my English's name Hanna. Let me be your guide! I can bring you to Jim Thomson House and famous place in Thailand. So I love to eat and hang out with my favorite person. I always to sign seeing when I've free time. Let's going to Jim Thomson House and try local food together!
    The last I'd like to say "Welcome to Thailand and thank you"

    Enjoy your trip (with me or not),

    Subhanan (Bangkok)

    Welcome to Bangkok! Do u book some hotel b4? Tell me more I have motorbike. You can go to everywhere. Let me know^^ I can make a plan for you.

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