Hui’s Bangkok Trip

Help Hui with her plans

Bookonline_bwNot decided when to visit
  • I want to go to Grand Palace!
  • I want to Eat

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    Kingly Tour (Bangkok)

    Are you want budget trip or comfortable trip just me Hui
    It will be my pleasure to go around with you both go to Grand palace and find something to eat

    Vee (Bangkok)

    你好! 我叫洪美. 我是泰国人. 我住在曼谷. 欢迎你来!. 你来曼谷的时候我们可以一起去Grand Palace 还有吃好吃的泰国菜.
    如果还有什么问题,随意联系就好啦. 微信(wechat): Vee_lollipop

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